Online Sweepstakes Games

Sweepstakes casinos provide a distinctive betting experience, which can be challenging for novice players to grasp. You may use the information in our guide to play securely and get the most out of the best sweepstakes casinos in the US.


In a nutshell, the games themselves aren’t considered gambling because they don’t involve real money. Casinos that provide sweepstakes cash, however, do give players the opportunity to win cash rewards without having to make a real money wager. This is due to the fact that they make use of “Sweep Coins,” a special kind of virtual currency that can only be obtained through free games or as a welcome gift or promotional item.

How do sweepstakes work?

In the past, “sweepstakes” referred to competitions in which a winner was selected at random to receive a prize (or awards). The Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes was the best illustration of this in the US. During these, people received large prizes at their homes and offices.


Things are a little different with online sweepstakes casinos. Visitors can use Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins—more on these below—instead of putting their own money on the line to play slots, keno, poker, and other table games.

How secure are sweepstakes casinos?

Playing at a sweepstakes casino is just as secure as doing so at a regular real cash casino. In 49 US states, they are permitted and controlled. The only state that forbids sweepstakes games is Washington. This is a result of how they categorise the games and the fact that gambling is prohibited in the state.

Sweepstakes games don’t require pay-per-play, but you still need to sign up and purchase Gold Coins. To claim any prizes you might win, you’ll also need to give a website or app your financial information.

Why are sweepstake casinos so well-liked?

Because they allow consumers to play casino games in locations where gambling is prohibited, sweepstakes and social casinos are well-liked.

As you may expect, social casinos are ones where having fun is the main objective. You don’t have to pay anything to participate, and there are no rewards worth real money. However, sweepstakes casinos are different from social casinos in that you can actually win real money when you play there. In most areas, gamers can enter sweepstakes games to compete for prizes using Sweeps Coins earned from gaming. Even when other types of online gambling are prohibited, this frequently holds true.

What are sweeps coins and gold coins?

Most sweepstakes casinos accept both sweeps coins and gold coins, which are two different coin types. Playing online sweepstakes effectively requires an appreciation of the distinction between both coins.

Sweeps Coins – Those kinds of coins are exclusive to gaming rewards or bonuses and can be redeemed for monetary rewards.

Gold Coins: These are frequently given upon registration, and you can purchase more in online social casinos. These are utilised to enjoy playing games.

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The fact that sweepstakes games don’t always use well-known names is one of their distinctive qualities. While certain licences from the most popular slot machines may have been transferred over, the majority have not. If you’re unsure about where to begin, we advise trying any of the following: Fire Kirin, Blue Dragon, The KrakenUltraPanda, Egame, Vblink or River Sweeps.